The secret to overcoming nervous speaking and presenting

It’s our thoughts that dictate the way we feel

How did that happen?

As strange as it may sound, nervous speaking can be a little like that

You anxiety is related to your thinking

Be prepared

The more prepared you are, the less anxious you will feel

That’s why you need to own your message

Arrive early

Become familar with the:


Don’t wait untill the day of your presentation to practice

Don’t be selfish

Think about:

Play to your strengths

Choose a number

Choose to be that number moments before you stand to present

An eight will serve most people well

Play a movie you like

If that’s too difficult then at least imagine:

Get perspective

We all hold some limiting and negative beliefs, no one is exempt

Watch your language

Remind yourself how good you really are at your job

Learn from the best


The whole stage is yours, practice owning it

Please don’t forget


Finally, always remember:

If you feel nervous speaking and need a little help:



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Maurice DeCastro

Maurice DeCastro

Author, speaker, trainer, presenter - former corporate executive passionate about personal leadership, people and results.