If you are a presenter or public speaker, you can be certain that your audience want you to help them. They want you to feel comfortable and confident in their presence so that they may relax and feel the same. If you have something of value to say that will make a difference to their personal or professional lives they will listen to you intently.

There are, however, certain things your audience won’t forgive you for.

1. Lack of preparation

“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” Confucius

It’s always abundantly clear…

Do you find yourself presenting at work?

If you do, please keep in mind that your audience have very specific needs.

In 1943, Abraham Maslow released a psychology paper called ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’, suggesting we each live by 6 fundamental human needs.

Physiological: what we need for survival

Safety: what we need to feel safe and secure

Love and belonging: a need to feel loved

Esteem: a need to be accepted and valued

Self-actualization: a need to reach our fullest potential

Self-Transcendence: the need for a higher goal outside oneself, in altruism and spirituality

This hierarchy still remains…

I enjoy networking, although, I really don’t care too much for the elevator speech.

‘Good morning, my name is John and I’m a partner at ABC; solicitors, accountants, marketing, training, etc.

We are based in Richmond, have been in business for thirty years and not only offer excellent customer service but we offer great value too.’

And so it goes on…

Who cares?

The world is full of solicitors, accountants and training companies. Does everyone really have their own unique selling point?

Most people use the concept of an elevator speech to communicates who they are. That’s nice, although, if…

Public speaking anxiety is by far the greatest issue we are asked to help professionals with every week at Mindful Presenter.

I often hear professional speakers and coaches claim that the reason they believe that people suffer from public speaking anxiety is because they have low self-esteem.

Whilst that may be true for some, I don’t think it’s at all reasonable to generalise; especially when in my experience it’s rarely the case.

It’s my belief that the truth is far simpler. It relates to a very basic and primitive human trait we each have evolved to experience:

The need to…

Have you been on the recieving end of a brilliant presentation recently?

Perphaps you’ve given one yourself.

Either way, you’ll know that giving a brilliant presentation at work isn’t easy.

It doesn’t involve reading slides, speaking in a monotone voice or dumping data on fellow professionals; that’s very easy to do!

The reality is, no one really wants or expects you to give a brilliant presentation. They simply want you to share your knowledge, information and insights in a way that connects with them.

In an age where we are all overwhelmed with information, the only way we can truly…

Are you entirely happy with your presentation skills? What about your colleagues; do they have the presentation skills needed to keep your attention, interest and curiosity?

The next time you get to sit through a presentation, make it your business to have a good look around the audience whilst the presenter is speaking. If you’re really lucky, you will see a lot of attentive faces. You’ll be in no doubt that the audience is absorbed and fully engaged with what the speaker has to say. You may even be impressed with their presentation skills.

They are connected

Occasionally, you will…

‘Death by Bullet Point’ — What do you think, is it really that bad?

If used correctly there’s nothing wrong with PowerPoint or most other visual aid software. It can be used to great effect to significantly enhance your message, make it more meaningful and of course memorable.

I’ve seen PowerPoint and other visual aid software used very powerfully to complement a speaker’s key point and help bring it to life. In the right hands they are an asset rather than a liability. …

Have you recieved feedback on your presentation skills?

To be able to truly develop ourselves as public speakers, presenters and leaders the one thing we all need a great deal more of is feedback.

30 years ago, as a young manager, I thought I knew it all. I was climbing the corporate ladder faster than a speeding bullet and everything was going my way; or at least I’d convinced myself it was.

One day, out of nowhere the CEO got really excited about a new idea that had just hit town; the entire management team should participate in something called…

If you feel nervous speaking in public or presenting at work you’ll know it can be very unpleasant. Many of the symptoms of nervous speaking and presenting are very similar to other life experiences. Approaching a member of the opposite sex to ask them out on a date, going for a job interview and taking your driving test can feel just like nervous speaking.

The shortness of breath, sweaty palms, dry mouth, queasy stomach and wobbly legs are just a handful of physical symptoms that can affect our performance.

If you feel nervous speaking or presenting at work or in…

You really can be very nervous and still give a great speech.

At Mindful Presenter we are at very successful at helping people to overcome their public speaking anxiety

If you feel nervous at the thought of presenting or public speaking, you’re not alone; in fact, you’re in very good company.

The history books are full of people who by their own admission tell of how nervous they were before an important speech. …

Maurice DeCastro

Author, speaker, trainer, presenter - former corporate executive passionate about personal leadership, people and results.

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