10 Public Speaking Myths We Need To Dispel Immediately

Myth 1 — Great speakers are born that way

Myth 2 — Audiences can’t read

Myth 3 — It’s best to keep your hands still

Myth 4 — Experienced speakers don’t feel nervous

Myth 5 — Only extroverts make good public speakers

Myth 6 — There are rules for public speaking and presenting

Myth 7 — You have to be perfect

Myth 8 — You need to memorise your speech

Internalise don’t memorise

Myth 9 — PowerPoint is the route of all evil

Myth 10 — Some topics make boring presentations

If that’s the case you need to reframe your thinking and:

– Find and give your audience the ‘Gold’

If you need help with the public speaking myths:



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Maurice DeCastro

Maurice DeCastro

Author, speaker, trainer, presenter - former corporate executive passionate about personal leadership, people and results.